Hi. We're

Casa de Quesadilla.

We are an Authentic Mexican Restaurant Located In Northwestern Sandy Springs, GA.

We've been in our location for 15 years and we serve the Best Mexican Food - dare we say - North of Mexico!

Don't take our word for it - Here is what other people have said;

"Easily one of our favorite places in the area. 
Food is always amazing!" Cristen Canavino

"Should have taken picture of this masterpiece.
But....it looked to good and I had to devour it.
Omg, tasted better than looked. How is that possible?
 Attentive staff. Great food.  Will be coming back!" -O m


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For the previous 15 years...

"...and ongoing we only use fresh ingredients that we choose ourselves.

We specially order our meat from a boutique supplier and this is why you will NEVER get a chewy piece of steak at Casa de Quesadilla.

If any food we serve comes off the back of a truck... it’s our truck - Not US Foods or any other food suppliers. We make regular trips to the farmers market and nothing excepting the nacho cheese sauce comes out of a can - It’s unopened in the Kitchen somewhere.

Many loving hours of labor are put into the supply and preparation of our food. Your lettuce, tomatoes and onions and everything else was hand selected. Your rice, beans, salsas where all made from scratch... and we serve huge portions.

Every order is a meal!"

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Los Cento - We don't have that yet. It's Coming!

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